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This property can contain certificates used to verify message signature.


    TElCustomCertStorage CertStorage;

    Property CertStorage As TElCustomCertStorage

    property CertStorage : TElCustomCertStorage;

    TElCustomCertStorage* get_CertStorage();
    void set_CertStorage(TElCustomCertStorage &Value);
    void set_CertStorage(TElCustomCertStorage *Value);

    TElCustomCertStorage get_CertStorage()
    void set_CertStorage(TElCustomCertStorage $Value)

    TElCustomCertStorage getCertStorage();
    void setCertStorage(TElCustomCertStorage Value);


    Use this property to specify certificates which should be used to verify signed messages.

    You may leave this property empty if you are verifying the public-key signature (i.e. if SignatureType is mstPublicKey). But, you must assign it if the SignatureType is mstMAC. Moreover, for mstMAC signatures the certificates stored in specified certificate storage must contain corresponding private keys.

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