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This method checks whether buffer contains the detached signature


    static bool IsSignatureDetached(byte[] Signature);
    static bool IsSignatureDetached(byte[] Signature, int StartIndex, int Size);
    static bool IsSignatureDetached(System.IO.Stream Signature, long Count);

    Shared Function IsSignatureDetached(ByVal Signature As Byte()) As Boolean
    Shared Function IsSignatureDetached(ByVal Signature As Byte(), ByVal StartIndex As Integer, ByVal Size As Integer) As Boolean
    Shared Function IsSignatureDetached(ByVal Signature As System.IO.Stream, ByVal Count As Long) As Boolean

    class function IsSignatureDetached(Signature : pointer; Size : integer) : boolean; overload;
    class function IsSignatureDetached(Signature : TStream; Count : Int64 = 0) : boolean; overload;

    static bool IsSignatureDetached(void * Signature, int32_t Size);
    static bool IsSignatureDetached(TStream &Signature, int64_t Count);
    static bool IsSignatureDetached(TStream *Signature, int64_t Count);

    bool IsSignatureDetached(TSBPointer|array of byte|string|NULL $Signature, integer $Size)
    bool IsSignatureDetached(TStream $Signature, integer $Count)

    static boolean isSignatureDetached(byte[] Signature, int StartIndex, int Size);
    static boolean isSignatureDetached(byte[] Signature);
    static boolean isSignatureDetached(TElStream Signature, long Count);


  • Signature - Pointer to (or stream with) PKCS#7 data which should be checked
  • StartIndex - Starting index of the data in the Signature buffer.
  • Size - Size of input data in bytes
  • Count - Number of bytes to be read from the Signature stream. If this parameter is 0 the data is read till the end of the stream. The default value is 0.

Return value

    True if the Signature buffer contains the detached signature.
    False otherwise,


    Use this method to check whether PKCS#7 data contains the detached signature only or the message with signature.

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