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This method verifies a timestamp.


    int Verify(byte[] InBuffer, ref byte[] OutBuffer, ref int OutSize);
    int Verify(byte[] InBuffer, int InStartIndex, int InSize, byte[] OutBuffer, int OutStartIndex, ref int OutSize);
    int Verify(System.IO.Stream InStream, System.IO.Stream OutStream, long InCount);

    Function Verify(ByVal InBuffer As Byte(), ByRef OutBuffer As Byte(), ByRef OutSize As Integer) As Integer
    Function Verify(ByVal InBuffer As Byte(), ByVal InStartIndex As Integer, ByVal InSize As Integer, ByVal OutBuffer As Byte(), ByVal OutStartIndex As Integer, ByRef OutSize As Integer) As Integer
    Function Verify(ByVal InStream As System.IO.Stream, ByVal OutStream As System.IO.Stream, ByVal InCount As Long) As Integer

    function Verify(InBuffer : pointer; InSize : integer; OutBuffer : pointer; var OutSize : integer) : integer; virtual;
    function Verify(InStream, OutStream : TStream; InCount : Int64 = 0) : integer;

    int32_t Verify(void * InBuffer, int32_t InSize, void * OutBuffer, int32_t &OutSize);
    int32_t Verify(TStream &InStream, TStream &OutStream, int64_t InCount);
    int32_t Verify(TStream *InStream, TStream *OutStream, int64_t InCount);

    integer Verify(TSBPointer|array of byte|string|NULL $InBuffer, integer $InSize, TSBPointer|array of byte|string|NULL $OutBuffer, integer &$OutSize)
    integer Verify(TStream $InStream, TStream $OutStream, integer $InCount)


  • InBuffer - the timestamp message to be verified.
  • InStartIndex - the starting index of the data to be verified in the InBuffer.
  • InSize - size of the input data in bytes.
  • InStream - stream with the timestamp message to be verified.
  • InCount - Number of bytes to be read from InStream. If this parameter is 0 the data is read till the end of the stream.
  • OutBuffer - buffer where the time-stamped data should be written.
  • OutStartIndex - starting index of the resulting data in the OutBuffer.
  • OutSize - size of the OutBuffer in bytes.
  • OutStream - stream where the resulting (time-stamped) data will be written.

Return value

    0 if the verification was completed successfully, and an error code otherwise.

Possible values:


    Use this method to verify the timestamp.

See also:     VerifyDetached    

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