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This property allows or forbids the use of ASN.1 tags of undefined size.


    bool UseUndefSize;

    Property UseUndefSize As Boolean

    property UseUndefSize : boolean;

    bool get_UseUndefSize();
    void set_UseUndefSize(bool Value);

    bool get_UseUndefSize()
    void set_UseUndefSize(bool $Value)

    boolean getUseUndefSize();
    void setUseUndefSize(boolean Value);


    Set UseUndefSize to False to prevent use of ASN.1 tags with undefined size. Usually PKCS#7 messages are handled correctly when such tags are used. However some ASN.1 parsers (S/MIME handler in Outlook Express, security plugins of Adobe Acrobat) can't correctly handle such tags. If you are targeting such software, you need this property.
    Default value is True (use of such tags is allowed).

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