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Contains the list of timestamping clients.


    TElCustomTSPClient TSPClients[int Index];

    Property TSPClients(ByVal Index As Integer) As TElCustomTSPClient

    property TSPClients[Index : integer] : TElCustomTSPClient;

    TElCustomTSPClient* get_TSPClients(int32_t Index);

    TElCustomTSPClient get_TSPClients(integer $Index)

    TElCustomTSPClient getTSPClients(int Index);


  • Index - the index of the element in the list. The first element has Index=0, the second has Index=1, and so on.


    Use this read-only property to access the list of the clients used for timestamping.

See also:     TSPClient     TSPClientsCount     AddTSPClient     RemoveTSPClient    

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