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Specifies if a newly added certificate should be taken from chain.


    bool IncludeChain;

    Property IncludeChain As Boolean

    property IncludeChain : boolean;

    bool get_IncludeChain();
    void set_IncludeChain(bool Value);

    bool get_IncludeChain()
    void set_IncludeChain(bool $Value)

    boolean getIncludeChain();
    void setIncludeChain(boolean Value);


    This property is used to control, how a certificate is added to CertStorage. If IncludeChain is True, and the certificate's Chain property is set, the certificate must be taken from there.
    The default value is False.
    Use of this property makes sense only if IncludeCertificates is True.

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