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This property defines whether certificates are included into signature.


    bool IncludeCertificates;

    Property IncludeCertificates As Boolean

    property IncludeCertificates : boolean;

    bool get_IncludeCertificates();
    void set_IncludeCertificates(bool Value);

    bool get_IncludeCertificates()
    void set_IncludeCertificates(bool $Value)

    boolean getIncludeCertificates();
    void setIncludeCertificates(boolean Value);


    When this property is true (by default), certificates are included into the signature and used for message verification. When this property is false, certificates are not included and the application must pass certificates to verifier using TElMessageVerifier.CertStorage property.
    The value of this property makes sense only for mstPublicKey signature type. For mstMAC signatures the value of this property is ignored.

See also:     TElMessageVerifier.CertStorage     IncludeChain    

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