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This read-only property specifies, what kinds of errors were encountered during processing.


    TElSMimeErrors Errors;

    Property Errors As TElSMimeErrors

    property Errors :TElSMimeErrors;
    TElSMimeErrors = set of TElSMimeError;

    TElSMimeErrors get_Errors();

    integer get_Errors()

    short getErrors();


TElSMimeErrors values


    This property specifies zero or more errors that occured during processing of the message or message part.
     Note, Errors property values differ in VCL and .NET versions. If several errors occur in .NET, they will be represented as a bitwise sum. For example if smeNotFoundSignaturePart and smeNotFoundBodyPart errors occurred , the value of the property is 6 (smeNotFoundSignaturePart = 2, smeNotFoundBodyPart = 4).

See also:     DecoderSignIsCorrectly    

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