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Specifies the block cipher key length in bits.


    int EncoderCryptBitsInKey;

    Property EncoderCryptBitsInKey As Integer

    property EncoderCryptBitsInKey : Integer;

    int32_t get_EncoderCryptBitsInKey();
    void set_EncoderCryptBitsInKey(int32_t Value);

    integer get_EncoderCryptBitsInKey()
    void set_EncoderCryptBitsInKey(integer $Value)

    int getEncoderCryptBitsInKey();
    void setEncoderCryptBitsInKey(int AEncoderCryptBitsInKey);


  • AEncoderCryptBitsInKey -


    Use this property to specify the length of the block cipher key. This property has meaning only when Algorithm is set to SB_ALGORITHM_CNT_RC2 or SB_ALGORITHM_CNT_RC4. The value of this property should be a multiple of 8. Value can vary between 32 and 256.     Default value is 192.

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