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Specifies if the certificate list, used during decoding, should contain full certificate chains.


    bool DecoderIncludeIssuerCertificates;

    Property DecoderIncludeIssuerCertificates As Boolean

    property DecoderIncludeIssuerCertificates : Boolean;

    bool get_DecoderIncludeIssuerCertificates();
    void set_DecoderIncludeIssuerCertificates(bool Value);

    bool get_DecoderIncludeIssuerCertificates()
    void set_DecoderIncludeIssuerCertificates(bool $Value)


    The signature can contain certificate chain in order to simplify its verification. If it does, then setting the property True will make the decoder store the certificate chains in DecoderSignCertStorage property.     Default value is False.

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