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Indicates user certificate storage.


    TElCustomCertStorage CertificatesStorage;

    Property CertificatesStorage As TElCustomCertStorage

    property CertificatesStorage : TElCustomCertStorage;

    TElCustomCertStorage* get_CertificatesStorage();
    void set_CertificatesStorage(TElCustomCertStorage &Value);
    void set_CertificatesStorage(TElCustomCertStorage *Value);

    TElCustomCertStorage get_CertificatesStorage()
    void set_CertificatesStorage(TElCustomCertStorage $Value)


    User certificate storage can be used together with or independently of system certificate storage. The user storage has lower priority than the system storage. It means that certificate verification will take place in the system storage first and then in the user one. System certificate storage can be disabled by setting UsageSystemCertificates property to false.

See also:     UsageSystemCertificates    

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