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Specifies if new algorithms or only algorithms compatible with PGP 2.6.x are used.


    bool UseNewFeatures;

    Property UseNewFeatures As Boolean

    property UseNewFeatures : boolean;

    bool get_UseNewFeatures();
    void set_UseNewFeatures(bool Value);

    bool get_UseNewFeatures()
    void set_UseNewFeatures(bool $Value)

    boolean getUseNewFeatures();
    void setUseNewFeatures(boolean Value);



    Use this property for compatibility with old versions of PGP-compatible software.
    If this property is set to True, then newer and stronger algorithms will be used.
    If the property is set to False, then the result will be compatible with PGP 2.6.x, while the keys are compatible (i.e. don't use features not supported by PGP 2.6.x).
    See TElPGPWriter.UseNewFeatures for more details.
    Default value is True.

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