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TElMessagePartHandler     See also     

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Points to the decoded message part.


    TElMessagePart DecodedPart;

    Property DecodedPart As TElMessagePart

    property DecodedPart : TElMessagePart;

    TElMessagePart* get_DecodedPart();
    void set_DecodedPart(TElMessagePart &Value);
    void set_DecodedPart(TElMessagePart *Value);

    TElMessagePart get_DecodedPart()
    void set_DecodedPart(TElMessagePart $Value)

    TElMessagePart getDecodedPart();
    void setDecodedPart(TElMessagePart Value);


    Handler can convert message part into another one during parsing. If this happens, DecodedPart property will point to such decoded message part.
    For example: after decryption of encrypted message this property will contain decoded message part.

See also:     Decode    

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