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OnAssemble is invoked during message assembly and gives possibility to perform additional handling of the current message part.


    internal protected int OnAssemble(TAnsiStringStream Destination, [in] AnsiString Charset, TElHeaderEncoding HeaderEncoding, [in] AnsiString BodyEncoding, [in] AnsiString AttachEncoding, TElOnAssembleState State, int Item, [in] AnsiString sBoundary, ref bool bIsHandled, ref bool bStopAssemble);

    Protected Friend Function OnAssemble(ByVal Destination As TAnsiStringStream, ByVal Charset As AnsiString, ByVal HeaderEncoding As TElHeaderEncoding, ByVal BodyEncoding As AnsiString, ByVal AttachEncoding As AnsiString, ByVal State As TElOnAssembleState, ByVal Item As Integer, ByVal sBoundary As AnsiString, ByRef bIsHandled As Boolean, ByRef bStopAssemble As Boolean) As Integer

    protected function OnAssemble(Destination: TAnsiStringStream; const Charset: AnsiString; HeaderEncoding: TElHeaderEncoding; const BodyEncoding, AttachEncoding: AnsiString; State: TElOnAssembleState; Item: Integer; const sBoundary: AnsiString; var bIsHandled, bStopAssemble: Boolean): ELMIMERESULT;

    not available

    not available


  • Destination - stream to which assembled data will be written.
  • Charset - charset of the message.
  • HeaderEncoding - type of the header encoding.
  • BodyEncoding - type of the body encoding.
  • AttachEncoding - type of attachment encoding.
  • State - describes assembling event state.
  • Item - contains index of the current element for astAddressFieldItem, astHeaderFieldItem, astBodyPartBefore and astBodyPartAfter states.
  • sBoundary - current boundary value.
  • bIsHandled - True value shows that current event has been handled and assembly for current state has to be excluded from further handling. Final states (with 'After') can not be excluded from handling.
  • bStopAssemble - True value shows that assembly must be interrupted. All further states except astAfter will be skipped. astAfter state is necessary for handler to be able to deallocate resources.

Return value

    Returns 0 (EL_OK) or 1 (EL_WARNING) on success, and Error otherwise.


    Parameters Destination, Charset, HeaderEncoding, BodyEncoding, AttachEncoding, correspond to AssembleMessage method parameters.

See also:     OnParse    

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