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Decodes message or part.


    int Decode(bool bActivatePartHandlers);

    Function Decode(ByVal bActivatePartHandlers As Boolean) As Integer

    function Decode(bActivatePartHandlers: Boolean): ELMIMERESULT;

    int32_t Decode(bool bActivatePartHandlers);

    integer Decode(bool $bActivatePartHandlers)

    int decode(boolean bActivatePartHandlers);


  • bActivatePartHandlers - shows if handlers for decoded part (DecodedPart) must be invoked automatically.

Return value

    Returns 0 (EL_OK) or 1 (EL_WARNING) on success;
    Error otherwise.


    This method decodes message or its part. If decoding succeeds, the next attempts to invoke Decode method will be ignored.
    Decode method invokes OnParse method with State parameter set to pstDecode.
    If message parsing was invoked with bActivatePartHandlers set to false, then enclosed parts (if any) will not be decoded.

See also:     DecodedPart     OnParse    

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