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Contains parsing options for the part.


    TElMessageParsingOptions Options;

    Property Options As TElMessageParsingOptions

    property Options : TElMessageParsingOptions;
    TElMessageParsingOptions = set of TElMessageParsingOption

    TElMessageParsingOptions get_Options();
    void set_Options(TElMessageParsingOptions Value);

    integer get_Options()
    void set_Options(integer $Value)

    short getOptions();
    void setOptions(short NewOptions);


  • NewOptions -

ELMessageParsingOptions values

TElMessageParsingOptions values


    Use this property to get/set options which define the actions to be taken during parsing.
     Note, Options enabling differs for VCL and .NET versions. To enable several options in .NET use bitwise OR operation, for example "mpoStoreStream | mpoLoadData | mpoCalcDataSize".

See also:     TElMessageParsingOption    

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