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Specifies content of the "Content-Transfer-Encoding:" header field.


    string ContentTransferEncoding;
    void SetContentTransferEncoding([in] string ContentTransferEncoding, bool ClearParams /* = False */);

    Property ContentTransferEncoding As String
    Sub SetContentTransferEncoding(ByVal ContentTransferEncoding As String, ByVal ClearParams As Boolean = False)

    property ContentTransferEncoding : TString;
    procedure SetContentTransferEncoding(const ContentTransferEncoding: TString; ClearParams: Boolean = False);

    not available

    not available


  • ContentTransferEncoding - value of the "Content-Transfer-Encoding:"
  • ClearParams - determines if field parameters will be deleted.
    Default value - False.


    Use this property to manipulate "Content-Transfer-Encoding:" header field contents. Note, that this value is used to actually encode the data being set as the body of the part. MIME assembler and parser do encoding/decoding automatically.
     Note, this property is read-only. Use SetContentTransferEncoding method to set its value.

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