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Specifies contents of "Content-ID" header field.


    string ContentID;

    Property ContentID As String

    property ContentID : TString;
    procedure SetContentID(Const ContentID: TString; ClearParams: Boolean = False);

    void get_ContentID(sb_u16string &OutResult);
    void get_ContentID(std::wstring &OutResult);

    string get_ContentID()

    String getContentID();
    void setContentID(String AValue, boolean ClearParams);


  • ContentID - content id of the part.
  • ClearParams - determines if field parameters will be deleted.
    Default value - False.


    Use this property to get/set content id of the part. Like the Message-ID values, Content-ID values must be generated to be world-unique.

    The following paragraph is taken from RFC 2045 (Freed et al.), part 7:

    «The Content-ID value may be used for uniquely identifying MIME entities in several contexts, particularly for caching data referenced by the message/external-body mechanism. Although the Content-ID header is generally optional, its use is MANDATORY in implementations which generate data of the optional MIME media type "message/external-body". That is, each message/external-body entity must have a Content-ID field to permit caching of such data. »

     Note, this property is read-only. Use SetContentID method to set its value.

See also:     Message-ID     ContentDescription    

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