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Specifies content of the "Content-Disposition:" header field.


    string ContentDisposition;

    Property ContentDisposition As String

    property ContentDispisition : TString;
    procedure SetContentDisposition(const ContentDisposition:TString; ClearParams: Boolean = False);

    void get_ContentDisposition(sb_u16string &OutResult);
    void get_ContentDisposition(std::wstring &OutResult);

    string get_ContentDisposition()

    String getContentDisposition();
    void setContentDisposition(String AValue, boolean ClearParams);


  • ContentDisposition - value of the "Content-Disposition:" field.
  • ClearParams - determines if previously set field parameters will be deleted.
    Default value - False.


    "Content-Disposition:" header field is used within a multipart entity to allow the sender to suggest presentation information. There are two disposition types: INLINE and ATTACHMENT.

    The following paragraph is taken from RFC 2387 (Levinson), part 4:

    «Using Content-Disposition headers in addition to Multipart/Related provides presentation information to User Agents that do not recognize Multipart/Related. They will treat the multipart as Multipart/Mixed and they may find the Content-Disposition information useful. »

     Note, this property is read-only. Use SetContentDisposition method to set its value.

     Note, unlike other header fields "Content-Disposition:" field can not include RFC 822 comments.

See also:     IsAttachment     IsInline    

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