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This read-only property returns attachment by its index.


    TElMessagePart Attachments[int Index];

    Property Attachments(ByVal Index As Integer) As TElMessagePart

    property Attachments[Index: Integer]: TElMessagePart;

    TElMessagePart* get_Attachments(int32_t Index);

    TElMessagePart get_Attachments(integer $Index)

    not available


  • Index - index of the attachment.


    Use this property to get attachment by its index. If you deal with attached file use FileName property to get/set its name.
    Since attachments are usually attached to the message itself (i.e. as parts of the multipart message), quick way to add an attachment is use TElMessage.AttachData or TElMessage.AttachFile. To delete an attachment use DeletePart method.

See also:     AttachmentsCount     FileName    

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