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Extracts message header fields from string.


    int Parse(byte[] ASource, ref string Charset, bool IgnoreNativeCharset);

    Function Parse(ByVal ASource As Byte(), ByRef Charset As String, ByVal IgnoreNativeCharset As Boolean) As Integer

    function Parse(const ASource: AnsiString; var Offset: integer; var Charset: AnsiString; IgnoreNativeCharset: boolean = False ): ELMIMERESULT;

    int32_t Parse(const std::string &ASource, std::string &Charset, bool IgnoreNativeCharset);

    integer Parse(string $ASource, string &$Charset, bool $IgnoreNativeCharset)

    int parse(AnsistringClass ASource, String[] Charset, boolean IgnoreNativeCharset);


  • ASource - string from which header must be read.
  • Offset - position in the ASource from which the header begins.
  • Charset - message charset.
  • IgnoreNativeCharset - determines what charset must be applied to the message header:
    True - the one specified in Charset.
    Default value is False.

Return value

    Returns 0 (EL_OK) on success, 1 (EL_WARNING) if information can't be encoded with given Charset and encodings.
    Error otherwise.


    Use this method to decompose header field from stream into parts.

See also:     AddField     DeleteField    

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