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TElMessageHeader Constructor

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Creates an instance of TElMessageHeader class and returns a reference to newly created instance.


    TElMessageHeader([in] AnsiString Source, ref int Offset, AnsiString Charset, bool IgnoreNativeCharset /* = False */);

    Sub New()
    Sub New(ByVal Source As AnsiString, ByRef Offset As Integer, ByVal Charset As AnsiString, ByVal IgnoreNativeCharset As Boolean = False)

    constructor Create;
    constructor Create(const Source: AnsiString; var Offset: Integer; Charset: AnsiString; IgnoreNativeCharset: Boolean = False);

    not available

    not available


  • Source - string from which header must be read.
  • SourcePos - position in the Source from which the header begins.
  • Offset - position in the Source from which header begins.
  • Charset - charset of the header text
  • IgnoreNativeCharset - specifies what charset must be applied to the message header.
    True - the one specified in Charset
    False - the one specified in message if it exists or specified in Charset if there is no charset specified in the message.
    Default value - False


    Use this method to create a new instance of TElMessageHeader class.

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