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This property should contain the descendant of TElCustomCertStorage which contains recipients' certificates.


    TElCustomCertStorage CertStorage;

    Property CertStorage As TElCustomCertStorage

    property CertStorage : TElCustomCertStorage;

    TElCustomCertStorage* get_CertStorage();
    void set_CertStorage(TElCustomCertStorage &Value);
    void set_CertStorage(TElCustomCertStorage *Value);

    TElCustomCertStorage get_CertStorage()
    void set_CertStorage(TElCustomCertStorage $Value)

    TElCustomCertStorage getCertStorage();
    void setCertStorage(TElCustomCertStorage Value);


    Use this property to specify certificates which should be used to encrypt messages. The encrypted message may be later decrypted with any of these certificates. The certificates don't need to include private keys.

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