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Specifies contents of "Resent-From:" header field.


    TElMailAddressList ResentFrom;

    Property ResentFrom As TElMailAddressList

    property ResentFrom : TElMailAddressList;

    TElMailAddressList* get_ResentFrom();
    void set_ResentFrom(TElMailAddressList &Value);
    void set_ResentFrom(TElMailAddressList *Value);

    TElMailAddressList get_ResentFrom()
    void set_ResentFrom(TElMailAddressList $Value)

    TElMailAddressList getResentFrom();
    void setResentFrom(TElMailAddressList Addresses);


  • Addresses -


    This property contains addresses of message resenders. It is one of mandatory fields for the resent message. The meaning of this property is similar to From property, but it contains addresses of resenders of the resent message.

See also:     From     GetResentDate     SetResentDate     ResentSender    

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