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Specifies contents of "Resent-Bcc:" header field.


    TElMailAddressList ResentBCC;

    Property ResentBCC As TElMailAddressList

    property ResentBCC : TElMailAddressList;

    TElMailAddressList* get_ResentBCC();
    void set_ResentBCC(TElMailAddressList &Value);
    void set_ResentBCC(TElMailAddressList *Value);

    TElMailAddressList get_ResentBCC()
    void set_ResentBCC(TElMailAddressList $Value)

    TElMailAddressList getResentBCC();
    void setResentBCC(TElMailAddressList Addresses);


  • Addresses -


    The meaning of this property is similar to the BCC property but it contains addresses of secondary recipients of the resent message whose addresses are not to be revealed to other recipients.

    Mail servers remove Resent-BCC header when processing tthe message and use its value for dispatching of the message.

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