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Specifies contents of "Message-ID:" header field.


    string MessageID;

    Property MessageID As String

    property MessageID : TString;
    function SetMessageID(const AMessageID: TString): TElMessageHeaderField;

    void get_MessageID(sb_u16string &OutResult);
    void get_MessageID(std::wstring &OutResult);
    void set_MessageID(const sb_u16string &Value);
    void set_MessageID(const std::wstring &Value);

    string get_MessageID()
    void set_MessageID(string $Value)

    String getMessageID();
    TElMessageHeaderField setMessageID(String AMessageID);


  • AMessageId - single unique message identifier.


    A unique message identifier that refers to a particular version of a particular message.
     Note, this property is read-only. Use SetMessageID method to set its value.

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