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This is the main part of the message. Its header fields are message ones.


    TElMessagePart MainPart;
    TElMessagePart SetMainPart([in] TElMessagePart AMainPart, bool bMakeCopy);

    Property MainPart As TElMessagePart
    Function SetMainPart(ByVal AMainPart As TElMessagePart, ByVal bMakeCopy As Boolean) As TElMessagePart

    property MainPart : TElMessagePart;
    public function SetMainPart(const AMainPart: TElMessagePart; bMakeCopy: Boolean): TElMessagePart;

    TElMessagePart* get_MainPart();

    TElMessagePart get_MainPart()


  • AMainPart - determines the main part of the message.
  • bMakeCopy - determines if data will be copied at once:
    True - data will be copied;
    False - data will be cached and then loaded when it is necessary.


    MainPart represents the main part of the message body. Its header is message header and its body is message one. If we imagine the message as a tree where the enclosed parts are branches than MainPart will be the root branch. You can not access the enclosed parts directly from the message. Use MainPart for this purpose.

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