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Attaches file to the message.


    TElMessagePart AttachFile(string ContentType, string FileName);

    Function AttachFile(ByVal ContentType As String, ByVal FileName As String) As TElMessagePart

    function AttachFile(const ContentType, FileName : TString): TElMessagePart;

    TElMessagePartHandle AttachFile(const sb_u16string &ContentType, const sb_u16string &FileName);
    TElMessagePartHandle AttachFile(const std::wstring &ContentType, const std::wstring &FileName);

    TElMessagePart AttachFile(string $ContentType, string $FileName)

    TElMessagePart attachFile(String ContentType, String FileName);


  • ContentType - type of the attachment in "type/subtype" format.
  • FileName - name of the file that must be attached.


    Use this method to attach the file to the message. When you need to attach some data which is not a file use AttachData method.

See also:     AttachData    

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