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Adds address to the address group.


    TElMailAddress AddAddress(string AAlias, string AAddress);

    Function AddAddress(ByVal AAlias As String, ByVal AAddress As String) As TElMailAddress

    function AddAddress(const AAlias, AAddress: TString): TElMailAddress;

    TElMailAddressHandle AddAddress(const sb_u16string &AAlias, const sb_u16string &AAddress);
    TElMailAddressHandle AddAddress(const std::wstring &AAlias, const std::wstring &AAddress);

    TElMailAddress AddAddress(string $AAlias, string $AAddress)

    TElMailAddress addAddress(String AAlias, String AAddress);


  • AAlias - display name that indicates the name of the recipient
  • AAddress - address enclosed in angle brackets


    Use this method when you want to add address to address group.

See also:     DeleteAddress    

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