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TElMailAddress class

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    This class is used to manipulate mail addresses.

    The following paragraph is taken from RFC 2822 (Resnick), part 3.4:

    «Normally, a mailbox is comprised of two parts: (1) an optional display name that indicates the name of the recipient (which could be a person or a system) that could be displayed to the user of a mail application, and (2) an addr-spec address enclosed in angle brackets ("<" and ">"). There is also an alternate simple form of a mailbox where the addr-spec address appears alone, without the recipient's name or the angle brackets. »

    Display name is specified by Alias property while address itself is kept in Address property.

     Don't use this class for management of sender and recipient header fields (From:, To:, CC: etc.). Use TElMailAddressList class for these purposes.



Declared in

  • Namespace: SBMIME
  • Assembly: SecureBlackbox.MIME
  • Unit: SBMIME
  • Package: SecureBlackbox.MIME.jar
  • sbmime.h

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