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This property specifies the local port, on which connections are accepted.


    int Port;

    Property Port As Integer

    property Port : integer;

    int32_t get_Port();
    void set_Port(int32_t Value);

    integer get_Port()
    void set_Port(integer $Value)

    int getPort();
    void setPort(int Value);


    Set this property accordingly to local port number where you want to accept connections. When new TCP connection is accepted, call the Open method.

     Note,  that neither TElLocalPortForwardSSHTunnel nor TElSSHClient deal with TCP ports directly. So, any of these classes won't open the specified port - it's your task to open and manage ports. This means, that you may listen in fact on port with number X and set this property to Y.

See also:     ToHost     ToPort    

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