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TElLDAPSKeyserverSearchFilter Constructor


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This method creates a new instance of TElLDAPSKeyserverSearchFilter class.


    TElLDAPSKeyserverSearchFilter(TSBLDAPSLogicalOperator LogicalOperator, TSBLDAPSKeyserverAttribute Attribute, TSBLDAPSEquality Equality, string Value);

    Sub New()
    Sub New(ByVal LogicalOperator As TSBLDAPSLogicalOperator, ByVal Attribute As TSBLDAPSKeyserverAttribute, ByVal Equality As TSBLDAPSEquality, ByVal Value As String)

    constructor Create;
    constructor Create(LogicalOperator : TSBLDAPSLogicalOperator; Attribute : TSBLDAPSKeyserverAttribute; Equality : TSBLDAPSEquality; Value : string);

    not available

    not available


  • Attribute - name of the entry attribute by which the search to be performed
  • Equality - equality criterion
  • LogicalOperator - logical operator that connects current condition to other ones
  • Value - filter value (string to which the attributes are compared to)

Logical operators:

Equality values:

Attribute values:


    Call this method to create a new LDAP keyserver search filter.

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