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    long GetIntegerValue(string Name);
    long GetIntegerValue(string Name, long Default);

    Function GetIntegerValue(ByVal Name As String) As Long
    Function GetIntegerValue(ByVal Name As String, ByVal Default As Long) As Long

    function GetIntegerValue(const Name : string) : Int64;
    function GetIntegerValue(const Name : string; Default : Int64) : Int64;

    int64_t GetIntegerValue(const std::string &Name);
    int64_t GetIntegerValue(const std::string &Name, int64_t Default);

    integer GetIntegerValue(string $Name)
    integer GetIntegerValue(string $Name, integer $Default)

    long getIntegerValue(String Name, long Default);
    long getIntegerValue(String Name);


  • Name -
  • Default -

Return value



    (1) Returns the value of an integer 'Name' property of the object if it is available. Otherwise a "name not found" exception is raised.
    (2) Otherwise the Default value is returned.

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