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    TElJsonEntity Item[int Index];

    Property Item(ByVal Index As Integer) As TElJsonEntity

    property Item[Index : Integer] : TElJsonEntity;

    TElJsonEntity* get_Item(int32_t Index);
    void set_Item(int32_t Index, const TElJsonEntity &Value);
    void set_Item(int32_t Index, const TElJsonEntity *Value);

    TElJsonEntity get_Item(integer $Index)
    void set_Item(integer $Index, TElJsonEntity $Value)

    TElJsonEntity getItem(int Index);
    void setItem(int Index, TElJsonEntity Value);


  • Index -


    Gets or sets item's value at the specified Index. If OwnsItems is True, the object previously contained in the item is destoyed.

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