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This event is fired when client requested hostbased-authentication.


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    property OnAuthHostbased: TSSHAuthHostbasedEvent;
    TSSHAuthHostbasedEvent = procedure(Sender : TObject; const Username : string; const ClientUsername : string; const ClientHostname : string; Key: TElSSHKey; var Accept : boolean) of object;

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  • Username - the name of the client being authenticated
  • ClientUsername - the name of the client at the ClientHostname host
  • ClientHostname - the name of some host
  • Key - key
  • Accept - set this parameter to True to allow authentication.


    Hostbased-authentication is based on "RHOSTS" authentication that is usual for Unix, using key, name of other host and client name on that host. This event gives you the key to check. The handler have to check by correspondence list that the key corresponds user Username who has account ClientUsername on ClientHostname server.

See also:     OnAuthPassword     OnAuthPublicKey    

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