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This event requests X11-forwarding permission.


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    not available

    property OnX11ForwardingRequest : TSSHX11ForwardingRequestEvent;
    TSSHX11ForwardingRequestEvent = procedure(Sender: TObject; SingleConnection: boolean; const AuthProtocol: string; const AuthCookie: string; ScreenNumber: integer; var Accept: boolean) of object;

    not available

    not available

    not available


  • SingleConnection - specifies than only one x11-connection can be forwarded at the same time
  • AuthProtocol - x11-authentication protocol
  • AuthCookie - authentication cookie
  • ScreenNumber - number of the screen
  • Accept - specifies if forwarding will be allowed


    Informs server about X11 settings and requests permission for the forwarding. Any X11-forwarding can not be requested (OnBeforeOpenX11Forwarding and OnOpenX11Forwarding events can not be fired) until permission is received.

See also:     OnBeforeOpenX11Forwarding     OnOpenX11Forwarding    

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