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TElIdSSHClientServerIOHandler     See also     

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This event is fired when logical connection of a "x11-forwarding" type has been established.


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    property OnOpenX11Forwarding: TSSHOpenX11ForwardingEvent;
    TSSHOpenX11ForwardingEvent = procedure(Sender: TObject; Connection : TElSSHTunnelConnection; const OrigIP : string; OrigPort: integer) of object;

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  • Connection - newly created TElSSHTunnelConnection
  • OrigIP - address of the host connected to the client
  • OrigPort - port on the OriginIP


    Server has to pass data received from the Connection to the X11-server and back. This event is preceded by OnBeforeOpenX11Forwarding one.

See also:     OnBeforeOpenX11Forwarding     OnX11ForwardingRequest     OnOpenCommand     OnOpenClientForwarding     OnOpenSubsystem     OnOpenShell    

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