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TElIdSSHClientServerIOHandler     See also     

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This event is fired when logical connection of a "command" type has been established.


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    property OnOpenCommand : TSSHOpenCommandEvent;
    TSSHOpenCommandEvent = procedure(Sender: TObject; Connection: TElSSHTunnelConnection; const Command: string) of object;

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    This event passes the newly created TElSSHTunnelConnection object to user. Use this object to read input data for the Command and write Command output to it. This tunnel will be closed as soon as command execution is finished. This event is preceded by OnBeforeOpenCommand one.

SSHBlackbox contains classes which provide data transfer from the command to the client (TElShellSSHSubsystemHandler).

See also:     OnBeforeOpenCommand     OnOpenClientForwarding     OnOpenSubsystem     OnOpenX11Forwarding     OnOpenShell    

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