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TElIdSSHClientServerIOHandler     See also     

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This event is fired when client requested keyboard-interactive-authentication.


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    property OnAuthKeyboard: TSSHAuthKeyboardEvent;
    TSSHAuthKeyboardEvent = procedure(Sender: TObject; const Username : string; Submethods : TStringList; var Name: string; var Instruction: string; Requests : TStringList; Echoes : TBits) of object;

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  • Username - the name of the client being authenticated
  • Submethods - names of server-dependent submethods client would like to use
  • Name - line that names the authentication
  • Instruction - instructions that will be shown to the client before list of questions
  • Requests - list of questions (each string - question)
  • Echoes - set Size equal to the total number of questions. If bit is turned on it specifies that answer for corresponding question must be shown on client's display (on),if turned off - should not (password for instance)


    During keyboard-interactive-authentication server asks questions and client answers them. KI-authentication is held in several steps. This event is fired first and server gives series of questions. When it receives client's answers OnAuthKeyboardResponse event is fired. Server can send new questions to the client in its handler. Answers will be passed to OnAuthKeyboardResponse again.

See also:     OnAuthHostbased     OnAuthPassword     OnAuthPublicKey     OnAuthKeyboardResponse    

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