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Moves a remote resource to another location.


    int Move(string SrcURL, string DestURL, TSBWebDAVDepth Depth, bool Overwrite, string IfHeader);

    Function Move(ByVal SrcURL As String, ByVal DestURL As String, ByVal Depth As TSBWebDAVDepth, ByVal Overwrite As Boolean, ByVal IfHeader As String) As Integer

    function Move(const SrcURL, DestURL : string; const Depth : TSBWebDAVDepth = 2; const Overwrite : boolean = true; const IfHeader : string = "") : integer;

    int32_t Move(const std::string &SrcURL, const std::string &DestURL, TSBWebDAVDepth Depth, bool Overwrite, const std::string &IfHeader);

    integer Move(string $SrcURL, string $DestURL, integer $Depth, bool $Overwrite, string $IfHeader)

    int move(String SrcURL, String DestURL, TSBWebDAVDepth Depth, boolean Overwrite, String IfHeader);


  • SrcURL - URL of the resource to be moved.
  • DestURL - destination URL.
  • Depth - specifies the depth of the request.
  • Overwrite - specifies whether to overwrite existing resources.
  • IfHeader - specifies the If header of the request.

Depth values:

Return value

    On success, returns server status code, otherwise returns -1.


    Use this method to send MOVE request to the server. The actual operation, performed by the server, depends on the type of the resource, e.g., move of a non-collection resource is the logical equivalent of a copy (COPY), followed by consistency maintenance processing, followed by a delete of the source, where all three actions are performed in a single operation.

See also:     Copy     Delete    

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