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Specifies whether client authentication (certificate request) is enabled.


    bool SSLClientAuthentication;

    Property SSLClientAuthentication As Boolean

    property SSLClientAuthentication : boolean;

    bool get_SSLClientAuthentication();
    void set_SSLClientAuthentication(bool Value);

    bool get_SSLClientAuthentication()
    void set_SSLClientAuthentication(bool $Value)

    boolean getSSLClientAuthentication();
    void setSSLClientAuthentication(boolean Value);


    This property defines whether the server should request client's certificate. If the client doesn't have a certificate, server actions depend on SSLAuthenticationLevel property value. If the client has a certificate, the OnCertificateValidate event is fired.
    Client authentication is used very rarely. Use this option in case you are sure all clients have certificates.

See also:     SSLAuthenticationLevel     OnCertificateValidate    

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