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Adds a new permission to the list.


    Function Add(ByVal Role As TSBGoogleDriveUserRole, ByVal AccountType As TSBGoogleDrivePermissionScope, ByVal Value As String, ByVal CanComment As Boolean, ByVal WithLink As Boolean, ByVal SendNotificationEMails As Boolean, ByVal EMailMessage As String) As Integer

    function Add(Role: TSBGoogleDriveUserRole; AccountType: TSBGoogleDrivePermissionScope; const Value: string; CanComment, WithLink: boolean; SendNotificationEMails: boolean; const EMailMessage: string): integer;

    int32_t Add(TSBGoogleDriveUserRole Role, TSBGoogleDrivePermissionScope AccountType, const std::string &Value, bool CanComment, bool WithLink, bool SendNotificationEMails, const std::string &EMailMessage);

    integer Add(integer $Role, integer $AccountType, string $Value, bool $CanComment, bool $WithLink, bool $SendNotificationEMails, string $EMailMessage)

    int add(TSBGoogleDriveUserRole Role, TSBGoogleDrivePermissionScope AccountType, String Value, boolean CanComment, boolean WithLink, boolean SendNotificationEMails, String EMailMessage);


  • Role - the primary role of the user.
  • AccountType - the account type.
  • Value - the email address or domain name for the entity.
  • CanComment - specifies whether the commenter role is allowed for the user.
  • WithLink - whether the link is required for the new permission.
  • SendNotificationEMails - whether notification emails should be sent.
  • EMailMessage - the text of the email message.

TSBGoogleDriveUserRole values:

TSBGoogleDrivePermissionScope values:

Return value

    Returns the index of the newly added permission in the list.


    Use this method to add a new permission to the list. To remove a permission, call the corresponding object's Delete method.

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