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Moves the object to the specified location.


    void Move(TElGoogleDriveFolder Destination);
    void Move(TElGoogleDriveFolder[] Destinations);

    Sub Move(ByVal Destination As TElGoogleDriveFolder)
    Sub Move(ByVal Destinations As TElGoogleDriveFolder[])

    procedure Move(Destination: TElGoogleDriveFolder);
    procedure Move(Destinations: array of TElGoogleDriveFolder);

    void Move(TElGoogleDriveFolder &Destination);
    void Move(TElGoogleDriveFolder *Destination);
    void Move(const std::vector<TElGoogleDriveFolderHandle> &Destinations);

    void Move(TElGoogleDriveFolder $Destination)
    void Move(array of TElGoogleDriveFolder|NULL &$Destinations)

    void move(TElGoogleDriveFolder Destination);
    void move(TElGoogleDriveFolder[] Destinations);


  • Destination - specifies the destination folder.
  • Destinations - use this parameter to specify multiple destinations.


    Use this method to move the object to the specified folder(s).

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