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Lists the trashed objects located in the folder.


    void ListTrashed(TElDataStorageObjectList Objects);
    void ListTrashed(TElGoogleDriveFolder Parent, TElDataStorageObjectList Objects);

    Sub ListTrashed(ByVal Objects As TElDataStorageObjectList)
    Sub ListTrashed(ByVal Parent As TElGoogleDriveFolder, ByVal Objects As TElDataStorageObjectList)

    procedure ListTrashed(Objects: TElDataStorageObjectList);
    procedure ListTrashed(Parent: TElGoogleDriveFolder; Objects: TElDataStorageObjectList);

    void ListTrashed(TElDataStorageObjectList &Objects);
    void ListTrashed(TElDataStorageObjectList *Objects);
    void ListTrashed(TElGoogleDriveFolder &Parent, TElDataStorageObjectList &Objects);
    void ListTrashed(TElGoogleDriveFolder *Parent, TElDataStorageObjectList *Objects);

    void ListTrashed(TElDataStorageObjectList $Objects)
    void ListTrashed(TElGoogleDriveFolder $Parent, TElDataStorageObjectList $Objects)

    void listTrashed(TElDataStorageObjectList Objects);
    void listTrashed(TElGoogleDriveFolder Parent, TElDataStorageObjectList Objects);


  • Parent - folder which entries should be listed. If not specified (nil/null/Nothing), the objects are listed for the entire storage.
  • Objects - contains the queried objects.


    Use this method to list all the trashed objects located in the specified folder. If no folder specified, the method lists all the trashed objects located in the remote storage.

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