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Lists the non-trashed subfolders located in the folder.


    void ListFolders(TElDataStorageObjectList Objects);
    void ListFolders(TElGoogleDriveFolder Parent, TElDataStorageObjectList Objects);

    Sub ListFolders(ByVal Objects As TElDataStorageObjectList)
    Sub ListFolders(ByVal Parent As TElGoogleDriveFolder, ByVal Objects As TElDataStorageObjectList)

    procedure ListFolders(Objects: TElDataStorageObjectList);
    procedure ListFolders(Parent: TElGoogleDriveFolder; Objects: TElDataStorageObjectList);

    void ListFolders(TElDataStorageObjectList &Objects);
    void ListFolders(TElDataStorageObjectList *Objects);
    void ListFolders(TElGoogleDriveFolder &Parent, TElDataStorageObjectList &Objects);
    void ListFolders(TElGoogleDriveFolder *Parent, TElDataStorageObjectList *Objects);

    void ListFolders(TElDataStorageObjectList $Objects)
    void ListFolders(TElGoogleDriveFolder $Parent, TElDataStorageObjectList $Objects)

    void listFolders(TElGoogleDriveFolder Parent, TElDataStorageObjectList Objects);
    void listFolders(TElDataStorageObjectList Objects);


  • Parent - folder which entries should be listed. If not specified (nil/null/Nothing), the objects are listed for the entire storage.
  • Objects - contains the queried objects.


    Use this method to list all the non-trashed subfolders located in the specified folder. If no folder specified, the method lists all the folders located in the remote storage.

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