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Checks whether data object exists in the storage.


    bool ObjectExists(TElGoogleDataStorageObject Obj);
    bool ObjectExists(TSBGoogleDocType DocType, string DocID);
    bool ObjectExists(TElGoogleDataStorageObject Folder, string Title);

    Function ObjectExists(ByVal Obj As TElGoogleDataStorageObject) As Boolean
    Function ObjectExists(ByVal DocType As TSBGoogleDocType, ByVal DocID As String) As Boolean
    Function ObjectExists(ByVal Folder As TElGoogleDataStorageObject, ByVal Title As String) As Boolean

    function ObjectExists(Obj : TElGoogleDataStorageObject) : boolean;
    function ObjectExists(DocType : TSBGoogleDocType; const DocID : string) : boolean;
    function ObjectExists(Folder : TElGoogleDataStorageObject; const Title : string) : boolean;

    not available

    not available


  • Obj - data object which existence should be checked
  • DocType - google document type
  • DocID - ID of the document
  • Folder - folder in which to look for the object
  • Title - object's title


Return value

    Returns True if the object exists in the data storage and False otherwise.


    Use this method to check if certain data objects are present in the storage.

See also:     CreateObject     List    

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