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This property specifies the URI of identity.


    string UniformResourceIdentifier;

    Property UniformResourceIdentifier As String

    property UniformResourceIdentifier : string;

    void get_UniformResourceIdentifier(std::string &OutResult);
    void set_UniformResourceIdentifier(const std::string &Value);

    string get_UniformResourceIdentifier()
    void set_UniformResourceIdentifier(string $Value)

    String getUniformResourceIdentifier();
    void setUniformResourceIdentifier(String Value);


    As specified in RFC 2459, this property MUST contain a non-relative URL, and MUST follow the URL syntax and encoding rules specified in RFC 1738. The name must include both a scheme (e.g., "http" or "ftp") and a scheme-specific-part. The scheme-specific-part must include a fully qualified domain name or IP address as the host.

As specified in RFC 1738, the scheme name is not case-sensitive (e.g., "http" is equivalent to "HTTP"). The host part is also not case-sensitive, but other components of the scheme-specific-part may be case-sensitive. When comparing URIs, conforming implementations MUST compare the scheme and host without regard to case, but assume the remainder of the scheme-specific-part is case sensitive.

See also:     IPAddress    

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