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This property specifies the E-mail address of identity.


    string RFC822Name;

    Property RFC822Name As String

    property RFC822Name : string;

    void get_RFC822Name(std::string &OutResult);
    void set_RFC822Name(const std::string &Value);

    string get_RFC822Name()
    void set_RFC822Name(string $Value)

    String getRFC822Name();
    void setRFC822Name(String Value);


    As specified by RFC 2459, The format of an rfc822Name is an «addr-spec» as defined in RFC 822. An addr-spec has the form «local-part@domain». Note that an addr-spec has no phrase (such as a common name) before it, has no comment (text surrounded in parentheses) after it, and is not surrounded by "<" and ">". Note that while upper and lower case letters are allowed in an RFC 822 addr-spec, no significance is attached to the case.

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