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This property is used to store Domain Name Service labels.


    string DNSName;

    Property DNSName As String

    property DNSName : string;

    void get_DNSName(std::string &OutResult);
    void set_DNSName(const std::string &Value);

    string get_DNSName()
    void set_DNSName(string $Value)

    String getDNSName();
    void setDNSName(String Value);


    As specified in RFC 2459, the name MUST be in the «preferred name syntax,» as specified by RFC 1034 [RFC 1034]. Note that while upper and lower case letters are allowed in domain names, they are treated as the same. The use of the DNS representation for Internet mail addresses (wpolk.nist.gov instead of wpolk@nist.gov) is not permitted; such identities are to be encoded as rfc822Name.

See also:     RFC822Name    

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