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Contains signing certificates.


    TElCustomCertStorage SigningCertificates;

    Property SigningCertificates As TElCustomCertStorage

    property SigningCertificates : TElCustomCertStorage;

    TElCustomCertStorage* get_SigningCertificates();
    void set_SigningCertificates(TElCustomCertStorage &Value);
    void set_SigningCertificates(TElCustomCertStorage *Value);

    TElCustomCertStorage get_SigningCertificates()
    void set_SigningCertificates(TElCustomCertStorage $Value)


Use this property to manage the certificates used to sign the CMC request. If this storage is empty, the request is not signed on saving.

See also:     EncryptionCertificates     SaveToBuffer    

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